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Magister equitum

Сообщений: 1573
Местонахождение: Киев
По поводу кельтов при Тразимене - они есть у Полибия.

"Hannibal coasting the lake and passing through the defile occupied himself the hill in front, encamping on it with his Spaniards and Africans; his slingers and pikemen he brought round to the front by a detour and stationed them in an extended line under the hills to the right of the defile, and similarly taking his cavalry and the Celts round the hills on the left he placed them in a continuous line under these hills, so that the last of them were just at the entrance to the defile, lying between the hillside and the lake"

"Flaminius himself, who was in the utmost dismay and dejection, was here attacked and slain by certain Celts"

"He (Ганнибал) now allowed his own troops to rest and paid the last honours to those of the highest rank among the fallen, about thirty in number, his whole loss having been about fifteen hundred, most of them Celts."
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