Online-сервис электронных диссертаций Британской библиотеки
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Местонахождение: Россия, Уфа
Сервис Британской библиотеки EThOS предоставляет свободный доступ к более чем 250000 британским диссертациям в электронном виде (формат PDF).

Для того чтобы им пользоваться надо обязательно зарегистрироваться. Когда будете заполнять регистрационную форму в графе "Address line 1" указывайте только название улицы без номеров дома и квартиры (они указываются строкой выше).

Зарегистрировавшись, Вы сможете. например, скачать 2-х томную докторскую диссертацию Саймона Джеймса по военному снаряжению из Дура-Европос. Ищите поиском по словосочетанию "Simon James", поставив галочку в чекбокс "Limit search to items available for immediate download". И внимательно заказывайте диссертацию для скачивания.

UPD: Диссертации из Оксфорда, Кэмбриджа, Белфаста, Эссекса, Саутгемптона, Ноттингема можно даже не открывать, их надо заказывать непосредственно в самих университетах.
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Тема: RE: Online-сервис электронных диссертаций Британской библиотеки


Сообщений: 8412
Местонахождение: Россия, Уфа
За последнее время я заказал и скачал следующие диссертации:

1) Adnan Darwish Jallon. Kitab Fi Marifat Ilm Ramy Al-Siham. A Treatise on Archery. A Critical Edition of the Arabic Text together with a Study of the Work in English. 1980
2) Alan F. Leslie. Roman Temporary Camps in Britain. 1995
3) Andrew Niall Gardner. 'Military' and 'Civilian' in Late Roman Britain. An Archaeology of Social Identity. 2001
4) Christopher Mallagh. Science, Warfare and Society in the Renaissance, with Particular Reference to Fortification Theory. 1981
5) David Harthen. The Logistics of Ancient Greek Land Warfare. 2001
6) Duncan B. Campbell. Aspects of Roman Siegecraft. 2002
7) Fawzi Abudanh. Settlement Patterns and Military Organisation in the Region of Udhruh, Southern Jordan, in the Roman and Byzantine Periods. 2006
8) John R. Hobby. The Use of the Horse in Warfare and Burial Ritual in Prehistoric Europe, Including Historical, Archaeological and Iconographical Evidence for Celtic Cavalry in Central and Western Europe, c. 700-50 BC. 2001
9) Jon C. Coulston. Trajan's Column. The Sculpting and Relief Content of a Roman Propaganda Monument. 1988
10) L. W. Shenfield. Chariots in Early Greek Culture. Myth vs. Reality. From the Bronze Age to the Fourth Century BC. 2001
11) Margaret M. Roxan. The Auxilia of the Roman Army Raised in the Iberian Peninsula. 1973
12) Michael Burns. South Italic Military Equipment. The Cultural and Military Significance of the Warrior's Panoply from the 5th to the 3rd Centuries BC. 2005
13) Michael C. Ibeji. The Evolution of the Roman Army During the Third Century AD. 1991
14) Michael John Dobson. The Roman Camps at Numantia. A Reappraisal in the Light of a Critical Analysis of Polybius' Discourse on the Roman Army. 1996
15) Nicholas Fields. The Anatomy of a Mercenary. From Archilochos to Alexander. 1994
16) Patricia Anne Baker. Medical Care for the Roman Army on the Rhine, Danube and British Frontiers in the First, Second and Early Third Centuries AD. 2000
17) Philip Charles de Souza. Piracy in the Ancient World. From Minos to Mohammed. 1992
18) Richard Alston. The Roman Army in Egypt 31 BC to AD 212. 1991
19) Ross Hugh Cowan. Aspects of the Severan Field Army. The Praetorian Guard, Legio II Parthica and Legionary Vexillations, AD 193-238. 2002
20) Stephen Nutt. Tactical Interaction and Integration. A Study in Warfare in the Hellenistic Period from Philip II to the Battle of Pydna. 1993
21) Terence Arnold Coello. Unit Sizes in the Late Roman Army. 1994
22) Simon Timothy James. The Arms and Armour from Dura-Europos, Syria. Weaponry Recovered from the Roman Garrison Town and the Sassanid Siegeworks During the Excavations, 1922-37. 1990
23) John Miles Paddock. The Bronze Italian Helmet. The Development of the Cassis from the Last Quarter of the Sixth Century BC to the Third Quarter of the First Century AD. 1993
24) Gerald Grainge. The Roman Channel Crossing of AD 43. The Constraints on Claudius's Naval Strategy. 2001
25) Elizabeth A. M. Shirley. The Construction of the Roman Legionary Fortress at Inchtuthil. 1998
26) James D. Anderson. The Piercebridge Formula in the North-East of England: An Assessment and Alternative Method of Supply to the Roman Army. 1991
27) Robert Michael Collins. Decline, Collapse, or Transformation? Hadrian's Wall in the 4th- 5th Centuries AD. 2007
28) P. H. Blyth. The Effectiveness of Greek Armour Against Arrows in the Persian War (490-479 B.C.): An Interdisciplinary Enquiry. 1977
29) S. Alexander Gentry. Hannibal's Strategies During the Second Carthaginian War with Rome and his Ultimate Goal of Roman Subjugation. 2002
30) David Nicolle. The Military Technology of Classical Islam. 1982
31) M. M. Mansour. Byzantine-Abbasid Warfare, 750-847 AD / 132-232 AH. Structure, Strategy and Organisation of the 'Abbasid Army. 2001
32) Catherine M. Gilliver. The Roman Art of War: A Study of the Roman Military Writers. 1993
33) Janet Lang. The Rise and Fall of Pattern Welding: An Investigation into the Construction of Pre-medieval Sword Blades. 2007
34) Samuel Norbury Koon. Livy's Battle Descriptions and the Nature of Roman Mid-Republican Heavy Infantry Combat. 2007
35) Conor Campbell Whately. Descriptions of Battle in the Wars of Procopius. 2009
36) Brian J J. Gilmour. Developments in iron smithing and decorative welding techniques found in Anglo-Saxon swords and related edged weapons. 1990

Несколько известных сейчас имен (в т.ч. по Оспреям) - Джон Кулстон, Саймон Джеймс, Росс Коуэн, Ник Филдс, Данкан Кэмпбелл, Кейт Джилливер.
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Макс Скальд
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Сообщений: 4708
Местонахождение: Ставрополь
Заказаны и/или скачаны:

1) Dutton, Claire Maria. Aspects of the institutional history of the Albigensian Crusades, 1198-1229. 1993.
2) Murray, A.V. Monarchy and nobility in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem 1099-1131: Establishment and origins. 1988.
3) Bell, Adrian R. Anatomy of an army: the campaigns of 1387-1388. 2002.
4) Nall, Catherine R. The production and reception of military texts in the aftermath of the Hundred Years War. 2004.
5) Whetham, David Glenn. Unorthodox warfare in the Age of Chivalry: surprise and deception in the Hundred Years war. 2005.
6) Norbye, Marigold Anne. The king's blood: royal genealogies, dynastic rivalries and historical culture in the Hundred Years War. 2004.
7) Le Brusque, Georges Henri Pascal. From Agincourt (1415) to Fornovo (1495): aspects of the writing of warfare in French and Burgundian 15th century historiographical literature. 2001.
8) Church, Stephen David. The household knights of King John, 1199-1216: a study of Angevin kingship. 1992.
9) Mitchell, Shelagh Margaret. Some aspects of knightly household of Richard II. 1998.
10) Barton, Simon Fraser. The aristocracy of Leon-Castile in the reign of Alfonso VII (1126-1157). 1990.
11) Ayton, Andrew Charles. The warhorse and military service under Edward III. 1990.
12) Kaner, Ralph Anthony. The management of the mobilization of English armies : Edward I to Edward III. 2000.
13) Cushway, Graham Russell. 'The Lord of the Sea' - The English Navy in the Reign of Edward III. 2006.
14) Morton, Nicholas Edward. The Teutonic Knights in the Holy Land: 1190-1291. 2008.
15) Caldwell, D.H. Guns in Scotland: the manufacture and use of guns and their influence on warfare from the fourteenth century to c.1625. 1982.
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17) Hanley, Catherine. The portrayal of warfare in Old French literature c. 1150 - c. 1270. 2001.
18) Dinnetz, Mattias Karlsson. Iron and steel in Islamic Spain: a study of early Islamic ferrous industry with particular reference to al-Andalus. 2001.
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42) Al-Mubarak, Malik Abdulazeez. Warfare in early Islam. 1997.
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44) Mackman, Jonathan S. The Lincolnshire gentry and the Wars of the Roses. 2000.
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46) Phillpotts, Christopher. English policy towards France during the truces, 1389-1417. 1984.
47) Asbridge, Thomas Scott. The principality of Antioch 1098-1130. 1995.
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53) Ege, Ufuk. Costume in Chaucer's works with special reference to the visual history of costume in his era. 1993.
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59) Scott, Margaret Cochrane. Dress in Scotland 1406-1460. 1987.

Номера 8, 10 и 19 можно также скачать в Гигапедии уже как изданные монографии.
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Дмитрий П.
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Magister equitum

Сообщений: 1573
Местонахождение: Киев
Вот еще (не было вроде):

1) The road to Naples : Florence, the Black Bands and the army of the League of Cognac (1526-1528)
2) Angelos Papadopoulos. The iconography of warfare in the Bronze Age Aegean. 2006
3) The Impact of Phoenician and Greek Expansion on the Early Iron Age Societies of Southern Iberia and Southwestern Germany.
4) Sherds, swords, settlements, sailing and stelae : the later Bronze Age of western Iberia.
5) Middle iron age warfare of the hillfort dominated zone C.400 BC to c.150 BC
6) The household and military retinue of Edward the Black Prince
7) The campaigns of the Norman dukes of southern Italy against Byzantium, in the years between 1071 and 1108 AD
8) Rebecca Dodd. Coinage and conflict: the manipulation of Seleucid political imagery. 2009
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Сообщений: 6
Кое-что, найденное на ETHoS по антике и вроде не вошедшее в предыдущие списки:
Военное дело:

Hulit, Thomas David. Late Bronze Age scale armour in the Near East : an experimental investigation of materials, construction, and effectiveness, with a consideration of socio-economic implications. 2002
English, Stephen. The Campaigns of Alexander the Great. 2009
Hodgson, Nicholas Roy. The military limes : aspects of the comparative development, function and significance of the linear frontier systems of the Roman Empire up to AD 200. 1993
Waugh, Karen Elizabeth. Germans beyond the Limes : a reassessment of the archaeological evidence in the Limesvorland of southern Germania Inferior/Secunda. 1998
Taylor, Annabel Kate. Roman Horse Equipment: A Study of Harness and Horse Furniture in the European Provinces of the Roman Empire. 1978


Jarrett, Michael Grierson A study of the municipal aristocracies of the roman empire in the west, with special reference to north Africa
Bowden, William. Town and country in late-antique Epirus Vetus.
Griffiths, K.E. Market exchange systems within the Roman economy of the first and second centuries A.D.


Appleton, G Animal sculpture from Roman gardens buried by Vesuvius
Dodge, Hazel. Building materials and techniques in the Eastern Mediterranean from the Hellenistic period to the fourth century AD. 1984
Swift, Ellen. Regionality in the late Roman west through the study of crossbow brooches, bracelets, beads and belt sets.
Pollard, R.J. The Roman pottery of Kent.
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Тема: RE: Online-сервис электронных диссертаций Британской библиотеки


Сообщений: 8412
Местонахождение: Россия, Уфа
Еще диссертации доступные для немедленного скачивания:

37) John Karavas. The evolution of roman frontier defence systems and fortifications the lower danube provinces in the first and second centuries AD. 2001
38) Martin Edward Foulkes. Empire of coercion. Rome, its ruler and his soldiers. 2005
39) David J.A. Taylor. The forts on Hadrian's wall. a comparative analysis of the form and construction of some buildings. 1999
40) David John Marchant. Roman weaponry in the province of Britain from the second century to the fifth century AD. 1991
41) John Latimer Kerr. The Role and Character of the Praetorian Guard and the Praetorian Prefecture until the Accession of Vespasian. 1991
42) J.C. Mann. The Settlement of Veterans in the Roman Empire. 1956
43) Hugh E.H. Davies. Design and Construction of Roman Roads in Britain. 2001
44) D.J. Mattingly. Tripolitania. A comparative study of a Roman frontier province. 1984
45) Glenn Mcconnachie. Air Drying Behaviour of Waterlogged Archaeological Woods from the Tudor Warship Mary Rose. 2005
46) Vassilis Vassiliu. The Representation of Women, Warfare, and Power in Greek Historiography, C4-C1 BC. 2006
47) Jason Crowley. The Athenian Hoplite Phalanx and the Potential for Military Disintegration. 2009
48) April Jayne Pudsey. Sex, Statistics and Soldiers. New Approaches to the Demography of Roman Egypt, 28 B.C. - 259 A.D. 2007
49) Anthony Martin Comfort. Roads on the frontier between Rome and Persia. Euphratesia, Osrhoene and Mesopotamia from AD 363 to 602. 2008
50) Jacqueline Austin. Writers and Writing in the Roman Army at Dura-Europos. 2010
51) James Robert Summerly. Studies in the Legionary Centurionate. 1990
52) Katherine Amie Liong. Cicero de re militari. A civilian perspective on military matters in the late Republic. 2011
53) Christopher Constable. Aspects of the archaeology of the castle in the north of England C 1066-1216. 2003
54) Craig Lee Lambert. Taking the War to Scotland and France. The Supply and Transportation of English Armies by Sea, 1320-60. 2009
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Сообщений: 4708
Местонахождение: Ставрополь
The representation of Greek hoplite body-armour in the art of the fifth and fourth centuries B.C.
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