Тюнинг машины Уилкинса
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Ник использует нейлон
"Jig for winding the torsion springs. Note the seam of stiching at either end of the bundle. This was needed to hold the cords in place during assembly into the field frames. The other approach would be to thread the 275 feet of 1/4″ nylon cord around the crossbars and through the holes in the field frame. A profoundly tedious process. I may try it someday to gain a more tightly wrapped spring with a minimum amount of spiral. For now, the jig approach will suffice."

так и таки что же за страшный косяк мы совершили(ладно ладно-я совершил)? почему нужно менять нейлон на полиэстер?
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