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Вот еще из Robin M. Brown. Late Islamic Ceramic Sequences from el-Lejjûn: Stratigraphic and Historical Contexts, in Samuel Thomas Parker (ed.). The Roman frontier in central Jordan: final report on the Limes Arabicus Project 1980-1989. Vol. 2, Washington, 2006, p. 377:

These small piriform containers and their possible functions have been described in detail by Ettinghausen (1965). Traditional interpretations refer to sphero-conic vessels as containers for mercury, containers for perfumes or other luxury liquid substances, aeopiles or "fire-blowers," or hand grenades filled with "Greek fire." More recently, content analysis of a Palestinian specimen has indicated that this particular vessel held pyrite, presumably for striking fires (Brosh 1980).

The large collection of sphero-conic vessels from Mount Tabor (i.e., "bombe a fucco greco") have been ascribed to the twelfth/ thirteenth centuries (Baitista and Bagatti 1976: 119-42, figs. 8-10, pls. 21-23, specifically no. 22, p. 140, inscribed with "al-Zahir" and interpreted as a reference to al-Zahir Ghazi, 1186-1216).

1) Richard Ettinghausen. The Uses of Sphero-Conical Vessels in the Muslim East. Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Vol. 24, No. 3, Erich F. Schmidt Memorial Issue. Part One (Jul., 1965), pp. 218-229.
2) N. Brosh. A Reexamination of Islamic Ceramic "Grenades". Atiqot (English Series) 14, Jérusalem, 1980, pp. 114-115.
3) A. Battista - B. Bagatti, La fortezza saracena del Monte Tabor (AH. 609-15: AD. 1212-18). Jerusalem 1976.

Kuzja2009 - 30/8/2009 22:02
Интересно, использовали ли европейские моряки азиатские бутылки для пива? навряд ли если только на борту небыло какого-нибудь мусульманина...

Почему нет? Они же заходили в айюбидские и мамлюкские порты.
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