древнегреческий чешуйчатый доспех.
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maitre Renard - 16/6/2013 20:31
Нет ли подробностей про данный доспех и подробной информации по конструкции аналогичных.

На форуме поднималась тема греческих чешуйчатых (чешуйчато-нашивных) панцирей, в частности - в связи с паноплией из фракийского погребения в Маломирово (см. здесь ).

Тим Эверсон (Tim Everson. Warfare in Ancient Greece. Arms and armour from the Heroes of Homer to Alexander the Great. 2004. P. 152–153) пишет:
Returning to the scales used on the composite versions of the shoulder-piece corslet, the types of scale used and their location vary considerably. A chronological pattern is difficult to see, because so many styles were in use concurrently. However, as generalisation, the earliest designs protected a large part of the body of the corslet (Fig. 54), whereas later designs restricted themselves to protecting specific areas, notably the sides of the corslet (Fig. 53). As far as the individual scales go, conventional scales of the type going back to Mycenaean times were used at first, but after c. 500 square or rectangular scales appeared, as well as round-ended embossed with a repoussé circle in the lower half (Fig. 55: Small section of scales from a composite corslet from Olympia, fifth century). One early example of a composite cuirass (Boardman 1980a, no. 86), shows scales in use only on the shoulder guard, the front flaps of which reach down an extraordinarily long way to be tied at the waist rather than on the chest. As mentioned before, the shoulder guards were a vulnerable area and this downward extension, as well as the addition of scales, would have offered a great deal of extra protection. The well-known plate featuring Achilles bandaging Patroclus (Jarva 1995, p. 39; Connolly, 1998, p. 57, no. 1) from c. 500 demonstrates that fully scaled composite corslets were in use by this time, with even the short pteruges of Patroclus having scales on them. The upper chest area of Patroclus' corslet seems to be only some sort of padded linen, but this would have been covered when the shoulder flaps were down. His scales are of conventional style, whereas those of Achilles lack the usual median ridge.
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