О запрете спартиатов строить стену вокруг Афин
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For the rebuilding of Athens’ city-walls, the Spartans’ objections to this, and Themistokles’ diplomatic role in deceiving them, cf. Thuc. 1.89.3–93.2, and the brief reference in Plut. Them. 19.1–2 (where Theopompos is cited for the claim that Themistokles bribed Sparta’s ephors into not opposing the project). See Frost 1998, 154 –156; Lenardon 1978, 87–97; Gomme 1945, 1 :258 –261; Podlecki 1975, 30 –32, 182–183; Hornblower 1991, 135–138. Stretches of the Themistoklean wall have been found (and confirm the emergency cannibalization of existing material: see, e.g., Wycherley 1978, 7–25, esp. 11ff.), but no sure trace of the pre-479 circuit has yet surfaced. Spartan distrust of Themistokles (and subsequently of Athens’ imperial aspirations) dates from this episode. The importance attached to it by Thucydides is also significant: the walls became, in a very real sense, a power base, and bred unease in Sparta and its allies by that fact alone.
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