"Властелины моря. История Золотого века греческого флота"
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Dedal - 12/9/2014 00:19
Очень интересует, что написано про:
"Клас.20. Фото 27, б. Бронзовая лампа в форме судна из Эрехтейона. Ridder. Bronzes de l'Acropole. 425. Fig.95"

Clas. 20. Plate 27b (photo: Athens NM). Bronze lamp in the form of a ship, from the Erechtheum. Athens. Ridder, Bronzes de l'Acropole, 425, fig. 95.

The tip of the ram is rectangular in profile and pointed in plan view. There is a lip and aperture in front of the stem post to hold the wick. Along the hull run four incised lines from stem to stern, which probably represent wales. Above these and below the gunwale has been engraved a row of compass-drawn circles to represent ports. The top of the gunwale is defined by a rope, which runs between the bow and the stern compartments and may inadequately represent a hupozoma (see pp. 294-8). The stern compartment has a rail supported by a strut, and is decked with planks just below the level of the gunwale, with one strong thwart, in the position of the threnus, forward. The stern ends in two divisions, where it is decorated with an engraved 'eye'. On the outside of the hull is a rectangular projection, to which the steering oar would be attached (see above, p. 49). The bow compartment is also decked and has bow screens. Amidships there appears to be the mast-rest (histopede; see Arch. 16 and p. 119).

Judging from the form of the letters of the inscription on the hull—ΙΕΡΟΝ ΤΗΣ ΑΘΗΝΑΣ—R.P. Austin* would date this ship to the fourth century B.C.: also from the account of the finding of the ship (Paton, Erechtheum, 572) it appears that it was an original Erechtheum offering, not a chance find on the site; accordingly one would date it later than the completion of the Erechtheum in 406 B.C., unless of course it had been in the possession of the dedicator for some time before it was inscribed and dedicated to Athena.

И сколько её фото в оригинале.

Одно, то же самое что и в русском переводе.

Похоже из русского издания половина фотографий вообще выпала

Нет, все фотографии на месте. Просто в самом оригинале также не весь каталог проиллюстрирован.

В русском переводе выкинули весь ссылочный аппарат (если можно так назвать раздел "Texts"), а он в этой книге крайне важен для понимания, т.к. в нем приведены только ссылки на античных авторов с оригинальными цитатами на греческом и латинском языках.
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