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Случайная цитата: "Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant!" ("Идущие на смерть, Цезарь, приветствуют тебя!") гладиаторы
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Ищу любую информацию по шлему Imperial Italic G 1 (Jerusalem)
Модераторы: spartak

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Imperial-Italic G

Only one example of Ibis type is known, to date, found in Israel in 1970 and said to have been discovered in a cave at Hebron, it was purchased by Professor S.S.Weinberg, who presented it to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. It was cleaned and restored by the Romisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz.

The helmet is of iron, with a well-formed hemispherical howl with recesses for the ears. There are three transverse embossed ridges al the occiput and three semicircular steps on the broad, slightly sloping neck-guard. The neck-guard is 9.3 cm wide at the centre and 32.6 cm broad.

The brow-band – of thin bronze – is reeded and stamped with a pattern of laurel leaves and berries in pairs, and this is soldered to an applied strip of iron.

The reinforcing peak, also of iron is of right-angle section with an applied bronze strip on the down-turned flange. This is punched from the back of the plate, with alternating bosses and circles of small dots.

Crossing at the centre of the crown are two applied strips of iron of semicircular section – one running from front to hack and terminating just above the peak in front and al the edge of the neck flange behind, and the other crossing it and riveted over the flanges of the iron ear-guards just forward of centre.

Soldered to the skull, in the upper corners of the quarterings formed by these reinforcing strips, are bronze moon-shaped ornaments with the horns of the crescents pointing upwards. The crescents have their borders ornamented with raised punched dots, and a circle of dots is also made in the broad centre of each one.

There is no sign of a crest attachment or any ring or knob as shown on the Trajan Column or the metopes from Adamklissi.

The cheek-pieces are almost flat, having shallow raised central panels with semicircular devices below the hinges. There are two chin-tie rings to each plate: the normal one for the point of the chin, and another situated al the rear edge below the car-recesses as on Imperial-Italic E. The rings for the ties on the underside of the neck-guard are fastened, one at each side, just behind the ear-guards as on Imperial-Italic D.

In my opinion, this helmet was originally filled with a carrying handle; but the loss of the whole central area of the neck-guard, which has had to be restored, leaves this a matter for conjecture.

Compare the punched decoration of the bronze ornament of this helmet with that of the fillings of the lorica segmentata (laminated armour) of Newstead type.
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