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Случайная цитата: "Во время сражения помните о цене тишины и порядка" Формион
- (Добавлено: Valamir)

щиты русов Xв
Модераторы: Дмитрий, Клим

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Отправлено 12/12/2017 11:27 (#140179 - в ответ на #140076)
Тема: Re: щиты русов Xв


Сообщений: 71
Местонахождение: Тында - столица БАМа

Два меча найдено с русскими НАДПИСЯМИ на клинках. То есть, местного производства.

Вот интересная статья Федора Андрощука о пресловутом мече из Фощеватой (пресловутый "Людота коваль") https://www.academia.edu/1102223/The_Ljudota_Sword_An_Episode_of_Con...

О славянских надписях на мечах:

Thus, it is only the Cyrillic inscripition that suggests Slavonic production of the Hvoshcheve sword. However, certain problems with its interpretation should be noted. In his publication, A. N. Kirpichnikov points out that only two letters — “Ю” and “А” are readable on the sword’s blade (which alone would make the reading rather problematic). In 2001 I examined the sword at the National Historical Museum twice and it was apparent that only a circle-shaped mark flanked by two vertical lines is to be observed. I also checked a sword (AB C B–329) with another “Slavonic” inscripion (“SLAV” according to A. N. Kirpichnikov). The blade of the sword is in extremely bad condition and damaged by various hollows together with the remains of individual marks, which A. N. Kirpichnikow took for an inscription with a Slavonic name. In fact, these are only a circle and zigzag-shaped marks. It is remarkable that both “Slavonic” inscriptions have been discovered on the blades in extremely poor state of preservation that makes a reliable reading all but impossible. The initial poor condition, further worsened by a specific restoration technique, most certainly is responsible. No Slavonic marks have been identified on the better-preserved swords. To sum up, one has to admit that Slavonic inscriptions are more wishful thinking than fact. Slavonic marks might yet be discovered in the future with the assistance of modern technology, but for the moment, the Slavonic production of swords during the Viking Age still remains to be proven.

Такие дела.
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